We´re here to support entrepreneurs from inception to consolidation, help companies, public figures and organizations find an updated way to reach their target audiences through the sheer power of brand architecture.

[Naming, brand mark / logo, identity guidebook, slogan and taglines, packaging, brochures & catalogues, re-branding]

TEA creates and delivers messages that cut through the noise. Through bold campaigns & original content, we achieve synergy and momentum.

[Creative, video production, graphic design, branded entertainment, broadcast design & animation, voiceovers and audio production, celebrity campaigns]

We make sure our clients successfully navigate ever changing landscapes in the age of hyper connectivity through a balance of insight and innovation.

[Branded lifestyle content, community management, influencer marketing, branded video game development, mobile & web development]

Great things are even greater together. We are known to identify, architect and deliver value multipliers through the development of select, mutually beneficial collaborations.

[Relationship marketing, co-branding (brand-brand, talent-brand,) product placement strategies, organic sponsorships & endorsements, joint ventures]

Emotion and direct interaction can fuel brand loyalty unlike anything else when achieved organically. Our job is to make sure that happens every time.

[Brand activations, product launches, customized event formats, artist booking, immersive reality, point of purchase strategies, mystery shopper]


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